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Part РpostsJan 2016Part РPage 207postsMar 2013Part РPage 54postsJan 2012Page 515postsJan 2011More from forums. For JP, their Ideal cut range diamonds have a HCA score of between 1. However, when Jullie told me the price for the Solasfera and Octagon, .

JannPaul has excellent service and high-quality diamonds. I decided to stick with the G colour. Customized diamond engagement rings by JannPaul.

The commercial jewellers also have a rather limited range of designs to choose from, which.

I never knew customization would come at such an affordable price. Originally Posted by rickysimthanx hazel, can i know the price range that jannpaul offering? Thank you JannPaul and its team of jewellers for a wonderful experience and for crafting me a beautiful engagment ring at a really reasonable price. Trish was working for Jann Paul (it’s a diamond company) so she kept telling.

We were introduced to JannPaul Diamonds some time ago and it is really a. JannPaul boasts a range including the Solasfera, Cushion Brellia, Angel¬†. D E F is the range most people will strive for. The price of a diamond ring is high but the smile and happiness on the Ellis’ face is priceless.

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