Joog urban dictionary

I can get it for joog from my cuzzo! Only time she need a man (is) for that good joog. Lil’ Boosie lyrics on Webbie’s song, Independent.

Sep The distributor of illegal goods often proned to throw deals to his serves. Originated on the West Side of Chicago. PISSED when theres no weed around and if there is hell do . In a similar way that getting the joog means one gets a good deal on something, getting jooged means one has gotten a bad deal on something .

Slang term for the JWH research chemicals, most commonly JWH-018. Jooch can refer either to the pure powdered substance, or a legal bud or spice . Nigga watch fo’ I juug you wit my pen Watch if you don’t back up off me, Ima juug you wit this chair leg. The act of receiving cum(semen, sperm, skeet, nut, ball juice, fish, man juice, mayonnaise). Bay Area joog definition by Urban Dictionary.

Joog definition: To poke at, as with a stick. A medicine addict, somewhere between age 18-30. I had no idea what a “juug” was, so I went to the most reliable source for such information: Urban Dictionary.

This brings us to why there are two Urban Dictionary definitions of the word.

The first is the broader: “Act of profiting off illegal or legal activities. I’ll respond with the Urban Dictionary definition. Australian Aboriginal English (AAE) refers to a dialect of Australian English used by a large.

Because most Indigenous Australians live in urban and rural areas with strong social interaction across. The Macquarie Dictionary has it as n. Contributor’s comments: The word bungee, or shortened to bunge was used by aborigines around Mt. Bought for joog off of a hippy on Haight.

Can be usually identified by skin and bones covered in baggy clothing. Probably from Gullah juke, joog, disorderly, wicke of West African origin; akin to Wolof. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Another 20entry on urbandictionary. Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus).

I did have to urban dictionary that one lol. My year old cousin came through with the hip lingo. If you’re not light on your toes in my. List B was made up of those proverbs in the Dictionary which had been received. It could well be an urban proverb, presumably a young one, and therefore may not be ‘settled’ yet.

Ninkii ‘soo joog’ laga waayo ‘soo jiifso’ ayaa laga helaa. However, a short trip to UrbanDictionary. Juke originates from the word “joog”, the English creole Gullah, which was .


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