Jug dog black

The Jug dog has been created by crossing the Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. Temperament‎: ‎Gentle, Lively, Alert, IntelligentGroup (of Breed)‎: ‎Terrier, ToyBreed Type‎: ‎CrossbreedGood with Child‎: ‎Yes, if socialized with themJug – Dog Breed Information – Dogs – PetBreedsdogs. Learn all about the Jug (Jack Russell Terrier X Pug) dog breed.

Colour, Fawn or black, with or without black or fawn markings. Golden Retriever and we believe a black Lab father. A panting black Jug is standing on a metal table outside. Black female jug for sale months old absolutely lovely dog great with kids and other dogs, only reason for sale is she is really hyper and playful and keeps .

Jack Russell X Pug) Introducing the Jug: The Jug is quickly becoming one of Australia’s more. Jugs also come in black and occasionally in black and tan. Indee the jug’s facial features encompass distinctive pug characteristics such as wrinkles, black markings and bulging eyes. The tail may be straight like the .


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