Komagatake whisky rindo

Mars Shinshu might not be the largest whisky distillery in Japan, but it more than makes up for its size with its elegance and grace. Mars Whisky introduced a new Komagatake single malt at the Tokyo Whisky Festival 20named Rindo, Nature of Shinshu. The first bottling in Mars’s new Nature of Shinshu range – each entry is named after the flora local to the eponymous distillery.

Mars Komagatake Rindo Japanese Single Malt Whisky 700ml. Limited Release of only 80bottles, exclusive for Japan, this is a very fresh whisky, bottled at . Komagatake Single Malt Rindo 70cl abv. One of our favorite Japanese Whiskies to drink with a hand-carved ice sphere comes from Mars Distillery.

A new single malt from the revitalised Mars whisky brand from the Shinshu distillery, the Rindo was officially launched at the 20Tokyo Whisky Festival. Nose: Sherry, grapefruit, wood stain, an earthy note, dried mixed citrus peel, dried pears, tobacco. Palate: Well the tobacco is still present but . Throughout the 20th century, Japanese Whisky was primarily sold and consumed in Japan, but in recent years, it has become increasingly .

Shinshu Mars Single Malt Whisky Komagatake Rindo. Fans of Japanese whisky brand Iwai by Mars Whisky may be excited. Mars Komagatake “Rindo, Nature of Shinshu”; Iwai; Iwai Tradition; Iwai . My friend and family is going to Asia and could help me pick up something from duty free, his dad drinks whisky as well and he will be getting 2. Mars Single Malt Whisky KOMAGATAKE RINDO.

Mars Whisky Komagatake Rindo 750ml. Product information for Mars Komagatake ‘Rindo’ Nature of Shinshu Single Malt Japanese Whisky, Japan. Stores and prices for ‘Mars Komagatake ‘Rindo’ Nature of Shinshu Single Malt Japanese Whisky, Japan’.

Shinshu Mars Iwai Komagatake Nature of Shinshu Rindo Japanese Single Malt Whisky. CLAUDE WHISKIES JAPAN: KOMAGATAKE MARS Single Malt NATURE OF SHINSHU RINDO cl Shinshu Mars Distillery by HOMBOW Shuzo .


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