Kopi c

If you like it black order a kopi-o or, if you want them to hold the sugar, ask for a kopi kosong. For coffee with unsweetened milk, ask for a kopi-C . Kopi – Coffee with Condensed Milk: (Kopi in Malay language means Coffee); Kopi O – Coffee with Sugar: (O in Hokkien Dialect means Black); Kopi C .

Kopi Gau Ga Dai, Hot coffee with condensed milk and more coffee powder and more sugar. Kopi Kosong, Hot coffee with condensed milk only. May “Kopi” in Malay means “Coffee”.

A coffee made with carnation milk instead of condensed milk.

Kopi O kosong (coffee without sugar or milk) – kcal. Kopi C (coffee with evaporated milk and sugar) – kcal. Teh-C, Kopi-C, Kopi Ka Dai, Teh Peng, Kopi Suahhh…” – These are ordering code words that is music to the true blue, hard core Singaporean . Kosong’ means ‘zero’ in Malay, while ‘C’ refers to evaporated milk, so this blend with no additional of cane sugar concocted with ground coffee and non-dairy .

THE BUSINESS TIMES kopi-c – Find kopi-c News Headlines, insight and analysis in Singapore, Asia-Pacific global markets news at The Business Times. Kopi Peng would be regular coffee on ice. If instea you want to order iced coffee with milk but without sugar, you would say Kopi C Kosong . The most famous space within would have to be KOPI C. Well-loved for its daily freshly baked cakes in assorted creative flavours, this cafe is . Haha, this thought came across my mind this morning as I was having breakfast at the local coffee shop. My wife just told me that Kopi C has teaspoons of sugar, Siu dai has two teaspoons and Siu Siu dai has one!

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How many times have you had crap kopi and teh? So Kopi C Kar Tai means Kopi with evaporates milk and more sugar. Find out also about Teh Peng and your favourite soda.

Video: How many calories is your Kopi C costing you?


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