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While La Kaffa has yet to disclose the identity of the new partner, the Taiwan franchisor announced that it will be setting up a Southeast Asia Regional Operation Centre in Kuala Lumpur. KUALA LUMPUR: The Taiwan franchisor of popular bubble tea chain Chatime has said it has. KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malaysian Chatime master franchisee.

Last Friday, La Kaffa alleged Loob used and supplied raw materials that . In the continuing dispute between Chatime franchise owner La Kaffa International Co. However, the fact remains that the bad blood between La Kaffa – the Taiwanese company who owns the Chatime brand – and Loob Holding . KUALA LUMPUR: Chatime franchise owner La Kaffa International Co Ltd today alleged that some of the ingredients used by its former master .

La Kaffa chairman Henry Wang said that Malaysia is an important market. We are confident of the Chatime brand and we want to continue to . Taiwanese bubble tea owner of Chatime, La Kaffa, has broken its silence about its early termination with Malaysia’s Loob Holding of its . KUALA LUMPUR: La Kaffa International Co Lt the owner of Chatime, has identified a new partner in Malaysia to take over the Chatime . After La Kaffa’s untimely termination, Bryan Loo speaks to BFM about the rebranding of Chatime to Tealive with just one day left In La Kaffa’s . La Kaffa said as the owner of Chatime’s bran the company’s main priority is to protect Malaysian Chatime consumers’ interests and Chatime .

As promise Taiwan-based La Kaffa International Co Lt the parent company of. TeaIsOurLife: Loob Holding Rebrands Chatime Malaysia As Tealive. Seizes Chatime Contract With M’sian Franchisee, Brings In Duan Chunzhen. Photo: Timetoast Taiwan-owned food and beverage company La Kaffa . KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 6): Former Chatime Malaysia franchisee Loob Holding Sdn Bhd will move ahead with its new brand at all 1Chatime . Chatime franchise owner, La Kaffa International Co Ltd has fired back at.

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 6): Former Chatime Malaysia franchisee Loob. On the outstanding payments claim by La Kaffa, Loob said it, too, has . Chatime: Malaysian franchisee used unapproved ingredients. Taiwan’s La Kaffa also alleges Loob Holdings . I don’t think Loob has a case here even if they use the excuse that because La Kaffa distributed their Chatime instant tea products in Malaysian . What was your first reaction when you found out La Kaffa was taking the Chatime franchise back? Chatime Malaysia bubble-tea outlets will be rebranded following a dispute between franchisor La Kaffa International of Taiwan and Malaysia’s . Taiwanese firm La Kaffa, the Malaysian firm had sourced for raw ingredients that were not Taiwanese firm La Kaffa which owns Chatime said .


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