Lavazza ground coffee review

This is medium roast like most espresso blends from Italy. Lavazza Qualità Rossa has of Robusta so it has a bolder slightly more bitter taste. This grind of coffee is far too course for an electric espresso machine.

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The best Lavazza out there by miles – you can’t go wrong with this one. I ground the Lavazza crema e aroma beans then brewed it in my Keurig machine. All I got was black coffee, no ‘crema’, what am I doing . I was excited to try this coffee – I adore italian coffee The Lavazza Gran. It was perfectly ground – yes I did check throught ht whole . Lavazza Classico premium drip coffee.

Discover Italian Passion in Every Cup. I was sent Lavazza Gran Aroma (Medium Roast) and Gran Selezione (Dark Roast) ground coffee to try out. Watch as we taste a few different Lavazza pre-ground coffee blends, including the In Blu, Espresso Bar, Crema e Gusto, Qualita Oro and Qualita Rossa.

Today I bought a 250g pack of Lavazza Caffe Espresso beans, it looks like.

Ground coffee should be used within minutes, or it goes stale.


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