Lg smart thinq hub

LG SmartThinQ smart appliances make life more convenient and can help keep your home clean and safe. Discover LG SmartThinQ connected home . Still, LG plans to add another one to the mix at . Scan this QR Code You can enter us. Sep Amazon Alexa support coming to LG’s SmartThinQ hub.

You’ll be able to add calendar items and play music, but there’s no smart home control . LG’s SmartThinQ home automation platform has existed for a few years now, but it’s always felt like an afterthought for the electronics giant.

Sep It unveiled its own smart hub gadget back in December, and it looked… very familiar. People kind of thought that LG’s SmartThinQ Hub was . LG’s new SmartThinQ hub appears to be one such copycat. The hub, announced today ahead of a demonstration at CES next week, is visually .

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