Melted cheese wheel singapore

Sep It’s amazing how cheese can be both sweet and savoury, enriching the dish’s flavour and texture. Despite being mildly lactose intolerant, writing . Wheels of cheese are heated until it becomes piping hot, before being scraped in all its bubbling, molten glory onto platters of roasted .

This cheese wheel originated from Switzerland and it has taken Singapore’s food scene by storm as restaurants started scraping melted parts . Who can resist the charms of the melty Raclette cheese? Raclette is served at a few restaurants in Singapore. Instead of being melted and scraped onto the foo Raclette here is melted in a heated contraption at the table .

Sep Not stingy with the heavy cream alongside the scrapings of cheese from the cheese wheel, the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is strewn with bacon . Got the classic carbonara ($10) under the cheese wheel pasta column which. Switzerland Raclette Cheese melt and flow down to the thick grilled chicken. Cheese lovers, the dalla forma, or cheese wheel pasta, makes its Singaporean debut exclusively at District at UE Square.

Experience the Italian tradition of. We’ve all seen the video of melted cheese being scraped off a cheese wheel (if you haven’t, you really need to). But The Western Co insists on importing the cheese from Switzerlan and one full wheel.

It is first slathered on the tender grilled fish, and then topped with . Sep When Raclette cheese is not enough, try their new cheese wheel pasta!

The melted cheese is light coloure aromatic and creamy in texture which complements perfectly with the meat.

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