Microwave popcorn bad for you

If you or someone you know is still eating microwave popcorn, listen up! I can’t tell you how many countless times I used to eat microwave . Every research points to one thing – microwave popcorn is.

In fact, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), an arm . Sep When bags of microwave popcorn are heate they emit fine and ultrafine particles that may come with health risks, says Yifang Zhu, associate . You might have heard recently that microwave popcorn isn’t safe because it contains chemicals that can increase your risk of cancer. Microwave popcorn is one of the most popular snacks in America, but did you.

Although popcorn can be a healthy snack, it can also be dangerous to your health, even exposing you to cancer-causing chemicals. While homemade popcorn is high in fiber and antioxidants, when it comes to the microwaveable stuff, . What can you tell me about the safety of microwave popcorn? I eat a lot of it but recently heard that it could be dangerous.

Almost all microwave popcorn varieties come in a bag lined with a toxic chemical. Microwave popcorn bags may be lined with other potentially harmful chemicals, notably PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate). You may have heard the recent news linking microwave popcorn to lung problems. After a study came out earlier this week mentioning that . Alarming new headlines about America’s favorite snack food. If you think your microwave popcorn is safe, think again!

Are you planning to eat two bags of it a day, every day, after your job that exposes you to other dangerous chemicals? Ever wonder what’s lurking in your favorite microwave popcorn? Here’s a rundown of why microwave popcorn is bad and what to eat instead.

Microwave popcorn is a popular snack but it’s recently been found to be a surprising health risk. Here’s toxic chemicals found in your popcorn to avoid. Sep So years ago when she glossed over an article pointing out the health concerns of microwavable popcorn, she relayed this information to me.

Before nuking microwave popcorn, consider what’s lurking inside the bag. We all can hear it popping and then, of course, .


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