Mitsubishi aircon warranty singapore

Guarantee Registration For Air Conditioner and Refrigerator. The unit must be registered with Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd within days from the date of purchase for the guarantee to be. Use of the unit outside Singapore mainland.

Frequent usage of your air con units and environment conditions will affect the . It is a Singapore site top page of the corporate information of Mitsubishi Electric. You can find our activities, product list and Mitsubishi Electric Group companies . List of Trained Installers for Structural Support of Air-con Unit In Singapore: Click Here.

Air-Con Standard Agent Warranty (Years Compressor + Year Spare Part). Mitsubishi Electric (StarMex) Inverter Multi-Split System 2. List of Trained Installers for Structural Support of Air-con Unit In Singapore: Click. Mitsubishi Heavy Industrials (MHI) is the world’s first manufacturer to introduce the big advantage of wall-mounted.

LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENTMitsubishi Electric M-Series Split Air-conditioner and Heat-pump SystemsSubject to the terms and . Mitsubishi Starmex is the quietest aircon in singapore. Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon is very easy to clean and energy saving. Our new mitsubishi starmex aircon is the most energy saving aircon in the singapore market with tick energy labelling scheme,easy clean design and the most .

Many Singaporean people look for Mitsubishi air conditioners for their house, office, or HDB unit. Most Mitsubishi aircon units come with year warranty. Just signed with GC on Mitsubishi StarMex System Inverter. Pricing include removing existing aircon install new aircon.

Standard 5yrs warranty for Compressor, yr warranty on accessories yrs warranty for . What is the difference between a window unit and a split system? How long is the air conditioner installation? Inverter series the bills were very high.

I had it change to the Mitsubishi StarMEX. For those having Mitsubishi Electric Easy Clean models, you can DIY. Most of the brands in Singapore have years warranty on compressor and year on . Mitsubishi Air Con Compressor ( Model: MXY-3A28VA ). Installation with uPVC 16mm drainage pipe; Dismantle dispose old air-con system; year workmanship installation warranty.

Providing Total Satisfaction for your Residential, Commercial Industrial needs. Providing Total Satisfaction for your Residential, . Years Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty.