Nespresso cosi caffeine

How much caffeine is in each Nespresso Capsule? The Cosi is an espresso with a delicate and balanced marriage of lightly toasted cereal and fruity notes. Nespresso Coffee Capsules are single serve aluminum coffee pods made to use in the Nespresso Coffee Machine.

There are now two types of pods: OriginalLine and Vertuoline, which have differing caffeine content. The actual caffeine range for VertuoLine espresso is 70-1mg and 150. Espresso capsules typically contain 55-mg of caffeine, while Lungo capsules are larger and therefore contain more caffeine, about 77-mg.

When we refer to an espresso pod we are referencing capsules that work with Nespresso coffee brewers.

Nespresso have initially released different types of coffee capsule to use with. Nespresso Master Roasters, enhances the fragile citrus note of Cosi. Ever wondered what does the Nespresso intensity rating mean?

The darker the roast, the lesser amount of caffeine remain. Example: The brown capsule Cosi, is only strength 3. The coffee in our Nespresso capsules has a caffeine content that. In the Espresso range the Capriccio and Roma contain the most caffeine.

One thing to note: Nespresso controls the entire capsule market. Cosi: The fruit really pops in this capsule.

I used the Decaffeinato since I can’t see why I’d ever care to purchase caffeine-free espresso capsules.


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