Novita water filter jug

Bundle Deal: HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP3290UF Filter Pack – Enhanced With Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane . Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP 22comes in a captivating prism of individual colours together with matching cups! With its 3-step filtration process .

Novita HydroPlus Portable Purifier Pitcher units are non-electrical and use the natural gravitational process to facilitate the purification of water. Quality-driven, these units not only remove impurities in the water but also enhance the water with HydroPlus elements to. Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP22goes the extra mile to bring you quality water with its 4-step purification, including the special addition of Certified .

Buy NOVITA WATER PURIFIER (16L) online from Courts grab best deals from a wide range of Water Dispenser at Courts – the leading megastore of . The filter last for one month or filtered up to 1litres of water. HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP22Bundle Deal (Daisy White). Novita NP22HydroPlus Water Pitcher Filter Bundle White. HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP 22is Novita’s first ever water pitcher that offers a. It has 3-step filtration steps to ensure quality water is being processed and . Shop water pitcher online, available in Singapore!

Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher NP2230.

How to set the Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher’s filter lifespan timer 1) Press and hold the reset button for. Enjoy clean water with a water purifier from Harvey Norman. Read about Water Pitcher Purifier. Novita NP-22HydroPlus Water Pitcher – White.

Novita NP22water pitcher with one filter for sale. On the right hand side is our old portable water filter, which we bought about. And on the left is the new Novita NP3that we have just installed.

HEPA type filter 4-step purification. DRINK TO WELLNESS WITH QUALITY WATER TODAY First to be launched in the novita water pitcher collection, The Petali Series comes in a captivating prism . Novita Np3290Uf Hydroplus Water Pitcher + Filter Pack (Bundle Deal). Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier Dispenser NP 6610.

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