Owndays singapore review

When I first brought my daughter to Owndays last December, it was out of desperation because she broke her glasses and we needed a pair almost immediately . OWNDAYS is the optical shop established in Japan with service made in Japan. OWNDAYS offers PC glasses with the fashionable design on the frame, best .

GameAxis; Subscribe to HWM Singapore. Bought spectacle at owndays, the sales person says my degree 6quite. Page 2postsMar 2016anyone make glasses at owndays?

Page 2postsFeb 2016owndays PC lens vs Crizal lens – Page 2postsJan 2015Where to make spectacle cheap cheap in Singapore.

Owndays – Eyewear Opticians – 3Orchard Road. Price range: $$reviews of Owndays For the past years I have been wearing the same pair of glasses. Mainly because I never wear them outside of the house.

I bought a pair of spectacles from OWNDAYS last week. Why do I always check the reviews after purchasing. A quick scroll down the Facebook Timeline showed something very interesting on the Owndays Singapore Facebook Page.

Again, all reviews here are done solely from my point of view. Credits to OWNDAYS Singapore for images and quotes. May But expectations changed in July 20when Japanese optical chain Owndays opened its first shop.

It makes its own glasses, stocks up to . A few months ago, I posted a guide review on Owndays Singapore and mentioned that I would like to get PC lenses with them as well as do a . Okay before I go into my review, just gonna do a brief introduction about. Why are shades important, well Singapore is a very hot country like .


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