Parmesan pronunciation audio

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. How to say Parmesan with audio by Macmillan Dictionary.

Pronunciation of parmesan found audio voices for parmesan. This a question about how to pronounce the s in parmesan. Just click on the audio pronunciation.

May The Cambridge Dictionaries Online entry for the pronunciation of.

If you’re wondering whether the audio for parmesan can be found listed . Audio Phonetic Guide To Pronunciation Of Parmigiano. A free online Talking English Pronunciation Dictionary – pronunciation of parmesan. How to pronounce parmesan in American How to say parmesan in British . May This Man Tries To Pronounce ‘Parmesan’. May But it turns out you’ve been insulting her each time you ask, because your pronunciation of the word ‘parmesan’ is way off, you uncultured . May You’ve apparently been saying parmesan wrong your entire life.

It appears that the audio files for ‘Parmesan’ and ‘Pennsylvania’, which were . They think that these are the real Italian pronunciations, that.

The French converted it to Parmesan with the s pronounced as a soft z. Parmesan definition: hard dry sharp-flavored Italian cheese. Learn Italian pronunciation and translation online. Your browser does not support audio.

Share this page, Share on+, submit to reddit. Irish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: See more in New English-Irish Dictionary from Foras na . May If you look up Parmesan (cheese) at the Cambridge Dictionaries Online, and click the icon for an audio clip, you’ll find that it is pronounced .


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