Pixieset vs pass

May Let me start out by saying that this whole post is just personal opinion. The point of this post is not to ‘convert’ a PASS user to Pixieset, just to . May A month ago I made the decision to use Pixieset for my client galleries. I switched last year from PASS to Pixieset! Sep To top it off, Pass creator has had his share of controversy. Introducing Pixieset, everything that PASS SHOULD be, and at a reasonable price.

Sep And the design themes for galleries are not as clean and polished as those offered by Pixieset and PASS.

If Shootproof catches up with that, . Client photo gallery for modern photographers. Client photo gallery designed for professional photographers to share, deliver and sell their work. Sep Let’s talk about PASS and Pixieset and see what I will be using from now on! I used to use PASS and navigated away from it in 2013! I am looking to switch from Shootproof.

Add Pass to the list of ones to look into. Just when I thought that PASS had the monopoly on “cool online galleries,” I found Pixieset. Dear Photographers,We recently made the switch from PASS to Pixieset.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business and better . Beautiful client photo gallery designed for professional photographers to share, deliver, proof and sell online. We need to create the ability to have a master in that we can set for vendors or to use ourselves to download from . Last year, I quit using DVDs and started using a cloud storage gallery system called PASS to deliver images to all of my . Pixieset is my number one tool to create beautiful client galleries. I have used pass primarily as an archival tool for wedding clients. Pixieset allows you to sell digital downloads as well as prints.

SmugMug vs Pixieset versus Cloud Spot. It will be hard to decide between them unless one of them adds all of these features. The most popular option among those polled was Pixieset. I used PASS for years, but moved to Shootproof in November.

I know there is often a Pixieset VS PASS debate.


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