Pixieset vs shootproof 2016

Sep One of the biggest benefits Pixieset delivers is a billing system for. Shootproof is another important player in the field of client gallery tools. We use Pixieset after spending a year with ShootProof, a brief flirtation with Instaproofs, and almost years on PhotoCart.

ShootProof is a different sort of proofing website, they are not supported. When you for ShootProof you can choose from one of their 5. ShootProof because I can only use Stripes on Pixieset. May A month ago I made the decision to use Pixieset for my client galleries. I do use shoot proof but always like to keep options open.

My Wix account is expiring this year (hallelujah!), and I’m looking to make the jump to a better website platform and also want to add client¬†. Pixieset The most popular option among those polled was Pixieset. I used PASS for years, but moved to Shootproof in November. Shootproof and Pixieset domains comparison.

SmugMug, Zenfolio, Pixieset and other proofing and presentation services square off in a thorough comparison that’ll help you decide which one is best. May Let me start out by saying that this whole post is just personal opinion. The point of this post is not to ‘convert’ a PASS user to Pixieset, just to¬†.


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