Plate loading test

To perform plate load test to obtain a load-settlement curve of a soil at a particular depth so as to estimate the ultimate bearing capacity a . Plate load test is done at site to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of soil and settlement of foundation under the loads for clayey and sandy soils. So, plate load test is helpful for the selection and design the foundation.

To calculate safe bearing capacity suitable factor. A description of a plate load or bearing capacity test being performed. The test uses a hydraulic cylinder. In the design of shallow foundation or traffic surface, design engineers need to know the bearing capacity of soil underneath. Plate bearing test is carried out in . A plate loading test by SGS can ensure you implement the right design on thin soil layers for strong and sound foundations.

The general set up for the plate load test is shown in Fig. Plate load test enables to estimate the allowable pressure of soil. Setting up the plate loading apparatus.

Arrangement of settlement-measuring device.

Testconsult offers plate load testing for customers who require accurate and reliable information on the load bearing characteristics of materials. The plate load test is a semi-direct method to measure the allowable pressure of soil to induce a given amount of settlement. Plates, round or square, varying in . The Light Drop Weight Tester ZFG 30and ZFG 3. The plate-load test (PLT) is widely performed at large dam sites to determine the rock mass deformability.

Analytical relations based on the theory of elasticity, . The most commonly used type of large scale load test is the plate bearing test. Plate Bearing Test The test consists of loading a rigid circular or, less . Product Code UTS-12Plate Loading Test Set with Digital Dial Gauges LPI Digital Readout Unit, 2kN UTS-12Plate Loading Test Set with Digital Dial . The Plate Bearing Test – Swiss Method determines the bearing capacity of the soil under field loading conditions. The relatively lightweight and small . The plate loading test is effective in finding the bearing capacity of direct groun but only up to 0.


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