Proofer bread

Sun Plaza Sembawang Drive #B1-Singapore 7577Tel: 6704Hours: 7. The proofer has a water tray to improve humidity, and can hold at any. Stacking Wire Bread Proofer Shelf $29.

Standard Bread Loaf Pan – 8½ x 4½ $15. Brød Taylor is dedicated to bringing home chefs the appliances and tools they need to simplify the process of making fresh food from scratch. Proofing as the term is used by bakers, is the final rise of shaped bread dough before baking.

Dough is typically allowed to rise in the proofer before baking, but can also be used for the first rise, or bulk fermentation.

Huge space, limited space—Baxter Proofers let you use exactly the space you need. Baxter’s modular design lets you custom-fit your proofer to your rack . The Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer fits into any home kitchen to help create a warm, consistently humid environment for professional rising (proofing) . Proofing dough in a warm, humid environment can make your bread rise perfectly and keep your bread from baking too dry.


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