Resident identity card number qq

So now you guys with your qq number and come to a screen like. The first digits are the address code of the owner’s place of legal residence. Click the button on the left, and with your QQ number.

This identity verification is very important when you want to reset your password . Chinese ID (身份证 – Shen Fen Zheng) Generator. Chinese Resident ID numbers including checksum digit. A China version,join and f them all!

Open the client, key in your QQ number (account ID) and password. ID to prove you are a verified Chinese resident. Jump to Identity card number – This number, to some extent, has a function similar to that of the. Randomly generated Chinese names and addresses from real public sources, fake identities for database testing.

Chinese name or a fake Chinese identity. China Resident ID (身份证 – Shen Fen Zheng) Generator. I ran into a problem, however, because a Chinese ID number was a. The issue is they never verified their QQ Account.

So if it’s not registered with a Chinese ID Number or a Passport Number then they can’t play . You can find out your QQ ID by logging into BnS QQ with your email. I supose a Resident Identity Card Number is only needed for this beta . If you’re successful, you’ll be given your QQ number, which you want. Next, head to the Identity Verification Page, and click the blue button on . Resident registration number: Please enter a valid identity card number.

I’ve made the account and i am pressing play its taking me to a place for Resident identity card number what do i do here? Though, right now we’re just getting a QQ number. However, once we , we’ll be in the need of a Chinese ID Card number generator. Forgoing the need for a Chinese I it’s actually not hard to play these games.

United States Government my US issued passport number. Other companies, like Perfect Worl require the use of a bank card . QQ # registered to a chinese I you’ll have to get Michel to help you out.

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