Retigo combi oven price

Company Retigo is with over years history one of biggest manufacturers of Combi Ovens. Our products are well known for their top quality and reliability. High Value for the Best Price – Appreciated by professionals.

RETIGO Blue Vision is the highest model series of RETIGO Vision combi ovens. Individual combi ovens are designed to offer everything the demanding user . EASY COOKING gives you exciting possibilities to easily and quickly set up the cooking technology, even for the most complicated meals, in just a few steps.

Characteristics of Retigo Combi oven B623 . COOK, STEAM, GRILL, BAKE FRY – All in one with Retigo Combi Oven A SMART INVESTMENT Quality. The RETIGO company is introducing its revolutionary combi steamer model called the RETIGO VISION. Their goal is to offer a top quality equipment for price that . Consult RETIGO’s entire Combi ovens catalogue on ArchiExpo.


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