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On the Properties palette, locate the View Range parameter, and click Edit. In the View Range dialog, modify view range properties as necessary. Before you go any further into this article, by far the easiest way to understand Revit’s View Range settings is to watch my video tutorial.

Video describing the Revit View Range settings for plan views. When determining why an element in the Revit plan view is not displaying, a user may try to troubleshoot the situation by referring to the View Range. Master the view range settings in Revit. Learn how to adjust view range properties (Top, Cut Plane, Bottom, and View Depth) to control exactly .

Do you ever need to have a floor plan with different view range? Sometimes you need to show different height in specific area than the rest of . Every plan has a view property called View Range, also known as a visible range. The view range is a set of horizontal planes that control object visibility and . There has been a trend in the firm I work for with new Revit adopters.

The issue stems from the understanding of View Range and it’s . I have often found that View range is still challenging subject to learn and thought I would post a tutorial on what each setting relates to and how this relates to the graphic output. I have created a very simple project in Revit Structure 20to explain these settings and. Elements outside of the view range do not.

Sep I would like to set certain parameters for the View Range of specific views (ie Top Offset, Cut Plane, etc.). I know how to setup the views I want to . Could anyone explain to me how do the view range settings work in the reflected ceiling plans? A vertical squeme would be appreciate.

John Flanagan New users to Revit often struggle to understand the concept of View Range. View Range Explained Every floor plan and. The shelf is above the Cut plane but within the view range.

Its category allows it to be represented in plan view. Its graphics are controlled by the Projection . Plan regions can cause some confusion related to their default behavior. This can become more complicated when involving floors in the view.

As you can see, I have my roof outline over a wall outline, but no cavity. If I change the cut in the view range to go lower, it shows the cavity .


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