Rice cooker fried rice

Expand to see the exact ingredients and cooking tips. Hey frens, Today I’m going to show you how I make my. This recipe is for Chinese fried rice, not to toot my own horn, but this Chinese fried rice is amazing!

It’s so delicious and makes a bunch, best of all its so easy to . Quick and easy fried rice recipe made using a rice cooker. Did you know that you can cook almost anything in a rice cooker? I am all about easy and this my friends is almost too easy!

I’m going to have kidney failure because they add so much salt to the food they serve :P. Also find great recipes for Custom made fried rice, Japanese fried rice. This week,i have blogged my vegetable fried rice recipe in Indian style using electric rice cooker. I know most of u make veg biryani veg pulao . Rice Cooker Fried Rice(EASY AND YUM!) Everyone knows that Rice Cookers are convenient and save time, but did you know you can cook almost anything in .


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