Rice cooker inner pot scratched

I have this years-old but pretty well-working rice cooker with a nonstick (presumably Teflon-coated) inner pan, which now looks very scratched. Most people would very likely take the ‘better safe than sorry approach’ and replace the pot. I’d recommend replacing the inner pot (if that is possible).

Buffalo has a small range of rice cooker with inner pot in size of cups (litre). I had a non stick pot with scratches which I was going to throw away I Lined . The teflon coating has dulled but no scratches in it. With a scratched non-stick rice pan, would I expect to.

The teflon inner pot to my rice cooker has gotten scratched. I’ve been ignoring it but I remember hearing that it might not be safe. I am the lucky owner of a George Foreman Multicooker which is essentially a fancy rice cooker with a removable steaming basket.

I’ve scratched mine and still continue to use it. Are these coated with something (non-stick)? Find great deals on eBay for Rice Cooker Inner Pot in Cookware.


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