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So in my last post, I shared with you a recipe of my Spatchcock Tandoori Chicken. I mentioned that I served it with Saffron rice and will be sharing with you the . One Pot Meal – Rice Cooker Chicken Wings Rice (Only Steps!) The children love chicken rice, and recently I tried out cooking it with a short-cut metho only steps!

A rice cooker (or pressure cooker) is perfect for making great foo and not only rice, whether you want fast and easy comfort foods or new, exotic dishes that . I’ll continue back-blogging going forwar so stay around! I decided to make us the viral rice cooker tomato rice which appeared in. If you know of someone else who was the creator of this method of cooking, let me know!

Sep Cooking foods other than rice in a rice cooker is like baking a layer. Singapore, is unusually committed to her rice cooker, . Explore Aroma Rice Cooker Recipes, Recipes Aroma, and more! Check out what it’s capable of here, with rice cooker recipes from stews to chicken and fish. Hence, today I am sharing an easy recipe for tomato rice.

LOL, if you make the effort to leave a comment on my blog, I will definitely make . Sep I then remembered my mom tried cooking chicken rice in a rice cooker. Well, if it’s not delicious, it wouldn’t have a place on the blog right? Sep If your family owns a rice cooker, then your mom may have made this.

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