Robotic prosthetics companies

Touch Bionics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies and supporting services designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for people with . With their robotic prosthesis, Össur’s Proprio Foot is battery-powered and motorize . As tech advancements in prosthetics come along, amputees can exploit.

Touch Bionics, a prosthetics and robotics firm based in Scotlan . Find out more about the most precise prosthetic hand on the market. Leeds-based healthcare company, Steeper Group is pushing for international growth . Making its robotic prosthetic both functional and affordable was just one piece.

DMM, a Japanese internet company that offers everything from . While all of this research continues, HDT also is working with traditional prosthetics companies to integrate our very lightweight and powerful actuators into their . Shadow designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands. Shadow’s broad expertise in robotics allows our engineers to engage in . AAD specializes in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation worldwide. New technologies have transformed artificial limbs into robotic arms and robotic . Browse RBR’s Companies Database for a deep dive into robotics businesses.

Ottobock is a global leader in prosthetic and orthotic medical devices, with 49 . In their words: GoXtudio aims to develop wearable and robotics technology.

One of the world’s largest prosthetics companies debuted it’s first .

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