Savo may refer to: Savo Island near Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands; Battle of Savo Islan August 1942; Savonian dialects of the Finnish language . Savonia (Finnish: Savo, Swedish: Savolax) is a historical province in the east of Finland. It borders Tavastia, Ostrobothnia, and Karelia.

Savo Pavićević is a Serbian-born Montenegrin football defender. Career; International career; Honours; References; External links . Savo Vjerko Zlatić (July 19– December 2007) was a Croatian physician, politician and chess composer. Early in life, as a medical student, Zlatić became .

Savo Island is a volcanic island in Solomon Islands in the South Pacific ocean. It is located to the north of the western tip of Guadalcanal Island at 9°8′0″S . Savoa on kahden nykymaakunnan alueella eli . Savo Pređa was a Serbian Partisan general in World War II an later, governor of Bileća prison. He was also a director of OZNA for eastern Bosnia for a short . The Battle of Savo Islan also known as the First Battle of Savo Island an in Japanese sources, as the First Battle of the Solomon Sea and colloquially among . SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure global sales enablement platform, delivering content to sellers within the context of each deal.

This starchy tuber grows naturally in densely wooded areas.

It is very hearty, but tastes better when cooked. Savo, also known as Savonia is a historical province in the east of Finland. Frequency of X occurance as female name today Frequency of occurance as male name today. Savo is also the name of a Region in Finland . Kad žmonės galėtų peržiūrėti ir prisidėti prie savo , turite suteikti prieigą prie svetainės arba biblioteką, kur saugomi puslapių. Navy Department Office of Naval Intelligence, “The Battle of Savo Islan . Savosolar – The sun is rising from the north – Solar thermal solutions.

SAVO is the only sales enablement platform that allows salespeople to quickly harness the assets, experts and insights of your organization. SavOn juhlakausi: Talakkunat, virkailijavaihto, vuksipäivälliset ja vuosijuhlat . Jump to File usage on other s – The following other s use this file: Usage on ar.


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