Sell used furniture singapore

Big list of places where you can sell your second hand furniture. Plus a free online service to help you sell your items, very useful. They like to buy in bulk, so this is the perfect service if you’re moving.

Red Saga Seeds is one of the best-kept secrets in Singapore for furniture lovers who simply cannot resist a good hunt for pre-loved furnishings, one-of-a-kind . So buying used furniture sofas and chairs isn t very popular in singapore? Anyone have any success in selling used furniture? Second-hand Furniture Shopsecond-handfurnitureshop.

Sungei Kadut Street Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate, Singapore 72934. Second-hand furniture in Singapore: Where to buy pre-loved sofas,. Sell your used items to the karang guni men or to the “Collectors and Traders for Multiple Waste Streams, Electrical Items, Furniture and . View where to sell my used furniture in Singapore like Recon Business Furnitures, The Vintage Diary, and OfficeSaver. Click to see more where to sell my . The marketplace app is a great place to sell pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories,. Cash Converters Singapore buys a wide range of furniture and electronics, including.

See here for a full list of items that they buy.


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