Seoul to jinhae

I searched on the internet and found that we can go to Jinhae by train from Seoul to Masan and then take bus from Masan to Jinhae. Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea, is the best place to. You have ways to get from Seoul to Jinhae-gu.

The cheapest way is bus which costs ₩28471. The quickest way is fly Seoul Gimpo to Busan which takes 2¾ . Korea Railroad Corporation is offering a special train service from Masan Station to Jinhae Station during one of Korea’s most famous cherry blossom festivals, . The easiest way to get to Jinhae is bus.

There are several services a day from Seoul’s Nambu Terminal, this takes about hours and costs around 250won. When you visit the Gyeonghwa Station in Jinhae, you won’t be able to stop pressing your camera shutter. Although the drive from Seoul takes about four and a . KTX would reach slighty faster and more comfortably to Jinhae via Bus though. But do note that there’s is NO Direct train from Seoul station to .

I had some airfares that happened to go on sale, and also had the privilege of taking some leave off in April this year. Free Easy one day tour to 20Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival! The Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, also known as the Jinhae Cherry. Type Seoul to Jinhae, but make sure you click on ‘Transfer’ as the type of . Answer of 10: Hello, I will be in Seoul from – April and since it’s still early to catch.

Seoul, was thinking of making a day trip on Apr Saturday to Jinhae. Day Tour from Seoul to Jinhae,Ranked as best spot and highest quality for cherry blossom viewing in Korea, Jinhae attracts many visitors during cherry blossom . Hi everyone, I’m planning to go to Jinhae from Seoul this 3rd of April to see the cherry blossoms and I was wondering what would be the best . See one of the most picturesque festivals in Korea – a stunning cherry blossom festival in the beautiful town of Jinhae on a day tour from Seoul. Jinhae (진해) is well-known as the best of best spot for Cherry Blossom in Korea! Honestly, Jinhae is too far away from Seoul and the transport . If you think that Korea’s Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is just another.

Lots of people go from Seoul to Jinhae but we left from Gwangju. Of course, you can still see cherry blossom in Seoul, but the scale is totally different.


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