Serviette or napkin uk

Napkin V Serviette One thing that has caused a great discussion over the 20th century is the simple question, what is the correct term, Napkin . I would say napkin, but they’re interchangeable. One radio presenter asked me whether the correct term is napkin or serviette.

My response was such: those who put out kitchen towel will say . There are many debates over correct language usage when it comes to etiquette standards. Whether it is the difference between toilet and . May A serviette is a piece of cloth or paper used to clean one’s hands.

A napkin, serviette or face towelette is a rectangle of cloth used at the table for wiping the mouth. In the UK, the term napkin is traditionally U (upper-class) and serviette is non-U. According to Nancy Mitfor writing in the late ’50s, Napkin is U and serviette is non-U.

In French, a serviette is a small towel. For me serviette and napkin have always been two different terms for. Hydrangea 3-ply 25cm (cocktail size) napkin by Caspari.


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