Siam history

The Kingdom of Ayutthaya was a Siamese kingdom that existed from 13to 1767. A New historical recorded (Du Royaume de Siam) by French writer Simon de La Loubère show Siamese official wearing Lomphok and khrui, . People speaking one of the Tai group of languages settled in what is now Thailand around 10years ago.

The name Siam came from a Sanskrit wor syam. Thailand (previously known as Siam) has been populated ever since the dawn of civilization in Asia. History outline of Thailan from early history until today. Thai kingdom was officially known from 1855 .

Learn everything you wanted to know about the history of Siam Thai. Read this history of Thailand and explore your knowledge on Siam Thai. A HISTORY OF SIAM is FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES TO THE A. WITH A SUPPLEMENT DEALING WITH MORE RECENT EVENTS By W. Publisher Fisher Unwin Ltd London Pages 325.

Language English Call number 35038. Book contributor BRAOU Collection universallibrary .


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