Simax glass tubing

Kavalier bran Simax tubing and rod in North America. Simax Glass: This clear borosilicate glass perta ins to a group of types of glass, which excel in a high heat and chemical resistance and which have been . Simax glass is an excellent quality borosilicate glass with a coefficient of expansion (COE) of 33.

Simax glass is also known as borosilicate, and is commonly . If you do not want your glass cut please put a note . A wide range of technical glass tubing, glass ro and life science glass products, industrial glass and household glassware is made of SIMAX glass. Simax Borosilicate Clear Glass Tubing.

Thank you for your interest in SIMAX borosilicate glass from DL Art Glass Supply. We are pleased to be a distributor for SIMAX tube and rod in North America .

Find SIMAX Borosilicate Glass Tubing and Rods from Pegasus Glass. Description, Glass Tubing (Simax) – Borosilicate, ODx1. This size is easy to rotate and makes a good light to medium duty blow tube. The thick wall will support heavier . In this category, you will find a variety of Simax borosilicate glass rods and tubing. Simax Glass, because of its chemical composition and properties, belongs to the group.

The drawn tubing and rod porducts are manufactured using the latest . Borosilicate glass tubing and rod supplied in lengths of up to 1500mm. We can cut down to your own requirements with either a ground or flame polished finish. Glass Dynamics, Chemical and Physical properties Simax borosilicate tubing. Simax is a low expansion borosilicate glass known for its stability, good . Watch the fascinating process Kavalier and Bohemia employ in the making of the Simax borosilicate glass.

Simax Standard Capillary Tubing, Borosilicate Glass. PRODUCT INFORMATION; DIMENSIONS; TECHNICAL DATA; CATALOGUE .


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