Slow cooker congee brown rice

Place all ingredients in slow cooker. Check during cooking to see whether you want to add more water. It can also be made in a rice cooker or slow cooker.

Sometimes the porridge was thick and creamy, other times more soupy, but it was always . Congee can also be made in a rice cooker under the congee setting or in a slow cooker. Brown Rice Congee will keep for a couple days in the . Congee is a savoury Chinese rice porridge, it’s also called jook depending.

It is also easy to prepare in a slow cooker, so that it is ready for my . Here, I am covering home cooked rustic Chinese rice porridge, not fine restaurant fare. Reduce slightly for slow cooker and rice cooker. Again, use medium grain brown rice like the Gourmet House – 1 Organic Long Grain Brown Rice. If you’re feeling down or the weather is wretched or you just need a comforting hug, then a warm bowl of silky porridge is your answer.

The slow cooker did its job well, breaking down the rice without us needing to. The duck broth ended up coloring the congee brown, though . You’ve probably heard about slow cookers, and how they can save you time. Congee, also known as Jook or Juk, is a simple rice porridge made with water.

Alton Brown turned me on to this method of cooking overnight .


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