Smeg fridge problems

SMEG Fridge-freezer Manual Online: Troubleshooting Guide. Fault: The appliance does not operate after connection to the mains: Cooling system operates. Free Smeg Refrigerator help, support customer service.

Ask your Household and Kitchen Appliance questions. Get solutions from top Smeg experts. My unit is a 2-door fridge freezer.

The freezer seems to be working OK (not sure if the fan is running or not Too much background noise here).

In order to keep your food and drink perfectly fresh, Smeg has developed a considerable number of different refrigerator models. Got black SMEG’s, one fridge-freezer in the kitchen, and one. Problems with the fridge, oven and dishwaher and SMEG deny their existence and . Smeg Customer Support has prepared a list of FAQs and information which will hopefully answer any of your questions and solve any problems you may be . The Smeg support portal is a fully searchable website offering help and. Our support portal lists many solutions to problems that your appliance may have.

SMEG fridge freezer for my new kitchen but have a. My Smeg fridge was a disappointment from the start – door seals, freezer door, shelving – all problems. I resorted to an insurance policy and have had to have .

Hi – I am hoping someone can help with a little advice. We have a SMEG FABfridge freezer and yesterday the Fridge and I think the freezer . I have a Smeg fridge with ice box on top, every now and again the back of the fridge section ices up and then defrosts its self, the seals appear fine a. Never had any problems, no leaking, nothing broken. My brand new Smeg fridge freezer arrived and light and temp display did not work. A week later a 3rd party engineer sorted it.

I have the same problem with the seal on my Smeg fridge – there is a gap at the top of the door. Smeg were in disbelief and sent an engineer to assess the problem. He said we needed a new hinge and a new door for the freezer ! Status: Online Hi all, My Smeg fridge freezer has stopped working (fabmodel).

Hi there, i just wanted to put this out there and get some opinions. I have an integrated SMEG fridge freezer and i seem to have had no luck . Hello all, I have moved into a flat with a Smeg integrated fridge freezer.


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