Stamping ground coffee menu

Stamping Ground Coffee at Upper East Coast Road shares the same. Stamping Ground Coffee’s all-day menu features dishes and each . Stamping Ground has stamped its mark on the bean-grounding scene here in.

Wish there will be an extended menu. Stamping Ground Coffee has 2Recommendations. Simple menu focusing more on its coffee and sharing it’s place with a florist makes it a nice cosy chill . Lovely scent, sight ambience make Stamping Ground Coffee House at Upper East Coast a sublimely pleasant. Stamping Ground Coffee’s breakfast menu is limited to items, yet you’ll find satisfaction in the simplicity of each dish. Stamping Ground Coffee previously located on Club Street has moved to.

The revamped café also has an expanded food menu, with simple . The revamped café also has an expanded food menu, with offerings . The Place Stamping Ground Coffee used to be located at Club Street,. Coffee aside, we spotted Hot Chocolate on the menu which uses Mork . Grab your daily dose of awesomeness. A little hole-in-the-wall coffee takeout’ summarized the location well, because .

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