Steamed whole fish

May A steamed whole fish with Ginger, Scallion, Soy and cilantro is a big favorite on any Chinese table, and it’s almost always served at holiday meals and special occasions. While we’ve done a steamed Cantonese fish recipe in the past, it actually involved a fish fillet. Chinese Steamed Fish – Learn how to make restaurant-style Chinese.

To me, nothing tastes as satisfying as steamed fish with white rice, drizzled. Steamed whole fish may be one of the simplest of the Chinese New Year’s Eve feast, but it’s loaded not just with plenty of flavor, but also lots of . This is a simple way to prepare whole fish, yet one that few western cooks have mastered. In Vietnamese culture, a properly steamed fish is a .

The Chinese eat fish steamed and served whole. I like that the whole fish is used – it looks great presented to the table and you don’t waste the skin. Steamed whole fresh fish is one of the best liked of all Cantonese Chinese dishes. One of my favorite sauces to go along with steamed fish is a Ginger and .

I decided to cook Chinese food this week. Rinse fish with cold water; pat dry. Use sharp knife to make diagonal cuts into flesh on each side of fish. Whole fish, central to Chinese New Year celebrations, connotes abundance for the upcoming year.

This simple and uncommonly delicious recipe works with any . The Chinese like to feature whole steamed fish on the menu of their New Year’s feasts. I propose baking your whole fish rather than steaming it, . The other day Mike and I went out for a lunch date. It’s not something we do very often, but it just so happened that we were both able to get . Do you know the secret to restaurant-style, perfectly-steamed fish?

Follow this simple guide to nail this Chinese home-cooking staple every . Star Seafood Restaurant, Hong Kong Picture: Steamed whole fish – Check out TripAdvisor members’ 504candid photos and videos. My father caught some fresh trout and my mom finally showed me how she prepares her steamed fish. Left whole, the fish remains moist and tender.

If you have grander plans for regularly steaming whole fish, ideal as a dinner party showstopper, then a fish kettle with a removable rack or . Jamaican Steamed Fish- Healthy Delicious Pot of Fish cooked in a spicy.


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