Storing wine in fridge

Expert says you should put bottles of RED in the fridge – and never chill white. Don’t fret about storing red wine in the fridge, it’s the best place. Red or white, wines aren’t going to show their best if they’re stored long-term in food refrigerators, which are too cold and too dry.

This will generally keep the temperature constant, as long as you’re not constantly opening and closing the door. You know that wine should stay cool. Maybe you live somewhere without central air, and the house gets up to 90F.

Is it OK to store the wine in your fridge?

Storing them in the fridge for months. Keeping wines in your trusty refrigerator is actually not a bad idea…for a short period of time, that is. Many people think the way to remedy the temperature conundrum is to keep their wine in the refrigerator, but unless you are using a wine . Every bottle of wine should be stored on its side, horizontally, rather than sitting. It’s fine of course to chill wines in your refrigerator, but you shouldn’t keep wine .

So if you like white wines make an extra effort to keep them protected. Refrigerators are simply too col they maintain temperatures of 40°F or less, and as . For this reason, wine bottles have traditionally been stored on their sides, so that. As a general rule of thumb, you should never keep wines in the fridge for more than a month because they are not designed for a bottle of wine . In most cases a refrigerator goes a long way to keeping wine fresh longer; even red wines.

When stored at colder temperatures the chemical . Because the wine cooler in the country is like a refrigerator, with the wines on big shelves. We open the door, peer in and try to figure out what the heck is in . According to Wine Spectator, keeping it in the fridge is fine for a few. But even if your wines were stored properly, your bottle still grew up in a. Wine cellar – this is the ideal way to store your wine bottles, temperature and humidity.

A wine cabinet or refrigerator – these are reliable ways to maintain the . May Wine Enthusiast polled its editors and other wine pros on the best ways to preserve the last few glasses of your opened bottle. Red wine should never be chilled; however you can preserve it in the fridge after it’s been opened. Any wine should not be stored at temperatures above 55 .


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