Sumiya chirashi

Find out what’s best at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya (Orchard Central). Best part, the mountain of chirashi is sizable and I felt very very satisfied after the meal . If you’re fishing for a good chirashi, here’s our haul of the oiishiest in town!

Barachirashi set at Sumiya is hard to fault. Fancy a bowl of affordable chirashi don in Singapore? These dons can be found at Orchard Central’s Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya.

Here is a guide to Chirashi-dons in Singapore that are S$and under.

The Bara Kaisendon (S$10) is a lunch-exclusive item at Sumiya, . Top Chirashi Don in Singapore using premium fresh seafood flown into Singapore -times a week from Japan. So we were thinking of something else in the vicinity, and Sumiya came to mind. I am a great fan of Bara Chirashi, and so far I have always . Find out why you should head down to Sumiya!

Serving Authentic Bara Chirashi Don – Value for your money!

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