Synek wine

Meet Somm by SYNEK, the first ever intelligent wine dispenser that learns and adjusts to your palate. The more you drink the more your experience evolves, and . Somm learns your palate, ships direct-to-door, and perfectly pours expert-approved wines in the comfort of your home. Steve Young is raising funds for Somm by SYNEK – a wine dispenser that learns your palate on Kickstarter!

Somm learns your palate, ships direct-to-door, and . Somm learns your palate, delivers expert-approved wines direct to door, and pours them perfectly in the. If you’ve ever wished for a robot sommelier to feed you information about your favorite wines, your time has come: Somm by Synek, a so-called .

Everything you need to know about the Synek Somm, including impressions and analysis. Synek’s wine device Somm goes live on Kickstarter. Louis entrepreneur who founded Synek, has launched a new type of wine dispenser.

He’s shown here at his operations in . After enjoying past crowdfunding success with its craft beer dispenser, Synek turns to Kickstarter yet again to help fund the Somm smart wine . Nearly two years ago, SYNEK launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund its countertop beer system to keep fresh suds available on tap at . Somm learns your palate and dispenses wine perfectly on your counter.


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