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As per the title, the film may be better remade with take 2. January 20(Singapore) See more. Its main cast features several familiar local faces such as Wang Lei, Ryan Lian, Maxi Lim and Gadrick Chin.

For the last five years, director Jack Neo put out a festive movie every. Instea the prolific 57-year-old will be executive producing Singapore movie Take 2. Taking the helm for Take is first-time director Ivan Ho, a longtime. Rounding up the rest of the cast are Neo’s usual collaborators such as Mark .

SINGAPORE — A new Jack Neo blockbuster coming out during the. Take 2’s lead cast (L-R): Ryan Lian, Wang Lei, Maxi Lim and Gadrick. Take — Maxi Lim, Ryan Lian and Gadrick . Take is a 20Singaporean comedy film directed by Ivan Ho and executive produced by.

Wang Lei as Mad Dog; Ryan Lian as Ah Hu; Maxi Lim as Jian Ren. Shawn Ho, then a final-year student studying for a Higher Nitec in film-making at ITE College Central, was approached by the casting directors on the . Director: Cast: Ryan Lian, Maxi Lim, Wang Lei, Gadrick Chin, Henry Thia. J Team Productions is Singapore’s premiere and pioneer production house, helmed by Director.

Take Cast Members – Maxi Lim, Wang Lei, Gadrick Chin, Ryan Lian.

To see more from MMEntertainment Singapore on Facebook, or create an . The Singapore director will be relinquishing directorial duties to executive-produce the. Jack Neo and the cast and crew of Take – his upcoming. Ah Boys To Men star Maxi Lim, getai veteran Wang Lei, Long .


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