Tanyu claypot cooking recipe

Chicken cooked with aproicot is absolutely indulgence and fantastic. Bring your friends along to learn how to cook using Tanyu Claypot! How to Make Clay Pot Chicken (recipe) – Duration: 4:22.

When soaked in water and heated in an oven, it provides slow evaporation of steam. This moist environment is conducive for cooking,¬†. Incidentally, there are some Chinese claypot rice recipes from¬†. I’ve been spending plenty of time catching up with my cooking and now.

DC contributed his sturdy old Tanyu claypot that is, sadly, chipped on the cover. I was inspired to cook claypot rice since last Saturday shopping trip. I stood at Tangs Bwatching the cooking demonstrations by the Tanyu claypot chef. So where is your recipe for this claypot rice? May 6L Tanyu Stock Pot which I use it to prepare our daily soup especially all-time.

More recipes using LC pot can be found in May postings. Claypot cooking is an ancient technique in many cultures from the Romans. Tanyu-Claypots–Claypot-Cooking.


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