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Alternative Ways To Cook RiceCook in a Clay Pot(Cooking Rice The Basics12) – Duration: 2:48. A simple Malaysian soup with healthy ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and corn. Scents of ginger, toasted rice, and chicken linger in the kitchen air.

When I was growing up, my mom would. Welcome to Tanyu Chef Facebook fan page where we share our latest news and. Bring your friends along to learn how to cook using Tanyu Claypot!

Home cook and author Debbie Teoh demonstrates how to cook the classic Kampar claypot chicken rice.

Claypot cooking is becoming popular in today’s fat-conscious world. Claypot cooking allows you to use less oils and fats. Add the bonus of a one-pot cooking . Tanyu Claypots is a unique product made from Japanese natural clay which are fired at a high temperature of 1260°C. It is a final product made from claypot . Missing: Using Claypots For Healthy Cooking – A Beginner’s Guideezinearticles.

Tanyu-Claypots–Claypot-Cooking. All about Chinese claypot cooking care, including tips on selection, prepping the claypot for first time use and cleaning. The chicken stock looks little to begin with but after simmering, the water content in wong bok will seeped .


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