Things you can cook with a rice cooker

May Your rice cooker might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to make breakfast, but many breakfast foods can indeed be . Don’t have easy access to a stove or microwave? For this recipe, just swap rice and water for oats and milk.

May With no stove, a rice cooker can become the vessel of ingenuity. Baked Rice Casserole with Artichokes and Mushrooms. Brown Rice and Chickpea Salad with Orange and Red Onion.

Have you tried cooking anything other than rice in your rice cooker? Did you know that you can use a rice cooker to make something other than rice? You may know that in addition to living up to its name, the rice cooker can also be used to steam buns or warm last night’s leftovers.

We love rice cookers, everyone is better with one around. They make perfect rice with a click of a button but. You can make a lot of different things in a rice cooker.

You have been lied to your entire life. A rice cooker can cook more than rice. Yes, a standard electric rice cooker is designed to bring rice to a . If you use your rice cooker to cook only rice, you’re sorely underusing this kitchen tool. Being in college has taught the true meaning of too many cooks in the kitchen. When you share a kitchen with at least other people things . Rice cookers aren’t typically something that you find in every single American kitchen (although my site editor Elsie LOVES hers!), and it’s not . I use three full scoops of the measure that came with the cooker.

Your rice cooker is about to be your new favorite appliance. Here are mouthwatering vegan recipes that you can make with this multipurpose appliance: . The one thing we suggest is to always grate your own cheese; pre-grated cheese. Because a rice cooker can be set to make many of the same recipes you’d . Amazing Meals You Can Make Using Your Rice Cooker (Besides Rice). Well, you can do the same thing with your rice cooker!

Just pour in the batter and cook on the rice setting for about an hour. However, if cheese and jalapeños sound like your thing, you can find the recipe here. Everyone has a rice cooker at home, but you need to ask yourself, are. Besides fluffy rice, there are several other foods you can cook in the .


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