Toman fillet

The toman fish, or snakehead fish, is one of the two fish types. The toman (snakehead) fish is probably the freshest fish found in the wet market in Singapore. Most wet markets sell this fish, confined only to .

In Singapore, this fish is less costly as compared to others like snapper or grouper. This fish taste rather plain on its own so I made a rich sauce to go with it. Spoon lemon cream sauce over fillet, carrot and serve immediately.

The Toman fish presents itself as an affordable yet delicious seafood dish in the Chinese culinary realm.

Used heavily in hawker fares, Toman fillets can be . Toman fish fillet; 100g Takana; ½ tsp minced Ginger; tsp Chinese cooking wine (Hua Tiao); tsp Soya sauce. Check out our exclusive online deals. Great value and widest selections of more than 120items at a click.

Since, I’ve been whipping up a lot of dishes using these pickled mustard greens, and this Scrumptious Steamed Toman Fillet with Japanese . Be the first to review this product. Sep Chinese-style Steamed Toman Fillet Ingredients: Toman fish fillet (snakehead) – some salt and white pepper, rubbed gently on the fish + lightly .


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