Toman fish in chinese

The toman fish, or snakehead fish, is one of the two fish types. The first two types are used by food stalls selling Chinese-style raw fish dishes. Snakehead fish in English-Chinese Online Dictionary.

Chinese integrates both meaning and pronunciation information in its . Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Snakehead fish soup is not normally included in confinement recipes. The chinese like to prepare Snakehead fish soup for those who go . The snakeheads are members of the freshwater perciform fish family Channidae, native to parts. He had tried to pass the fish off as Chinese black sleepers (Bostrychus sinensis) in an effort to mislead customs.

They are deep fried until very crispy and then added to Chinese rice gruel . Sep Chinese Steamed Fish Toman (Snakehead) Fillet.


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