Tuvas village in kanas xinjiang

Tuvas Village is located at the Kanas valley area that is to the south of 2-kilometers of the mysterious Kanas Lake. Enchanted Tuvas Village in Xinjiang.

Located kilometers of Kanas Valley at the south bank of the mysterious Kanas Lake, Tuvas Village is a tranquil and picturesque . To see more from China Highlights – China Tour Operator on Facebook, or create an account. Tuvas is an ancient minority group. They traditionally lived as hunter-gathers.

Kanas Tuvas Village is near mysterious Lake Kanas. The small village is located in a valley, and only has about houses. Kanas Tuvas Village is located near the mysterious Lake Kanas. Tuvas Village in Kanas, Xinjiang, China Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in China.

Experience tribal villages, birdwatching and stunning ,mountain scenery in . The picturesque scenery of the lake is home to the Tuvas. Not far from Kanas Lake, there is a village called Xincun.


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