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Didi Chuxing has launched an updated version of Uber for Chinese users, just two months after it announced it would acquire the global ride-hailing company’s China division. According to Uber China, Uber’s original app worked anywhere in the world regardless of the app store. Chinese ride sharing company Didi Chuxing was on a roll just a couple of months ago after driving Uber Technologies Inc.

In Uber’s new offices in Guangzhou, China, occasional screams of delight erupt from the workers at their desks as they spot the office cat, a shy thing that mostly . If you’re an overseas visitor to China, you’ll no longer be able to use Uber for your rides. More permanent residents may also face issues using . After acquiring Uber’s operations in China last year, Didi Chuxing is taking steps to ascend to the global stage.

In exchange for its China operations, Uber will receive a minority stake in Didi and a $billion equity investment from the Chinese firm. Everywhere in the worl from country to country, Uber’s app looks and works the same. Uber has parted ways with its Chinese subsidiary, which is going to prove problematic for tourists looking to hail a ride in the Middle Kingdom.

Bad news if you were hoping to hitch an Uber ride on your next visit to China. The latest update of Uber’s app in China has effectively locked . Apply for Product Manager, International Growth (China) 产品经理,国际拓展团队(中国) in Beijing, China at Uber.

Please note that service on the new Uber rider app is not available in China. Your Uber account is not going anywhere though: when you sign in to your account, . Uber is swapping its China operations for a big stake in its $billion homegrown rival, Didi Chuxing. WSJ’s Rick Carew shares what you need . When asked about Uber’s attempt to dominate in the vast market that is China, the CEO of homegrown ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing, . Foreigners in China will have a much harder time using Uber now, following its acquisition by its biggest competitor. In August, Uber agreed to sell its subsidiary company, Uber China, to Didi. Didi also agreed to invest $billion into Uber Global.

Founders‎: ‎Travis Kalanick‎; ‎Garrett CampServices‎: ‎Transportation network company‎; ‎Ve. While its popularity has helped it grow to a . In all of the discussion lately about Uber (Private:UBER) in China, one topic that is not getting a lot of airplay is the way in which the outcome for . The San Francisco-based Uber lost more than $7million in the second quarter of 201 shedding light on its decision to leave China.

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