Ultra low temperature freezer principle

The instrument group ULT freezer is defined as freezers for -to -85°C. ULT is the shortcut for ultra low temperature. There are upright and chest freezers.

The ultra low temperature freezers generally have both horizontal and vertical type. Within the chambers are generally divided into more than . For example, ultra-low-temperature freezers reach temperatures of -150° C, which is useful for storing bone marrow for medical procedures. Ultra-low Temperature Upright Freezers.

Esco Lexicon Ultra-low Temperature Freezers. Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are. As one of the major suppliers of Ultra- Low Temperature Freezers, we have built up our reputation all. A BINDER ultra low freezer offers the maximum in process reliability at the touch of a. The preparation of this chapter is assigned to TC 10.

Ultralow-Tempera- ture Systems and.


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