Usuba knife

Usuba bōchō is the traditional vegetable knife for the professional Japanese chef. Like other Japanese professional knives, usuba are chisel groun and have a . The usuba is a traditional Japanese style knife designed specifically to cut vegetables.

Japanese cuisine stresses the importance and beauty of seasonal . The nakiri is a Japanese knife used primarily for preparing vegetables. The name says it all: “na” means leaf, and “kiri” refers to cutting. The usuba profile may be squared off or sheep footed which makes the tip more dexterous but also more delicate.

These knives will range in size between . Our Cutlery Knife Accessories category offers a great selection of Usuba . The Usuba is the ideal knife for cutting and peeling vegetables with precision. Find a great selection of Usuba and Nakiri knives at knifemerchant. Find brands like Masahiro, Shun, and Mac among many others. The only single bevel knife I own is a deba, and it’s used so completely differently from an usuba I assume there is no comparison.

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