Vegan mochi waffles

Mochi waffles are fun and easy for everyday eating, but they’re also great to offer guests. Serve with a bowl of steamed collards and some tempeh bacon or . This vegan waffles recipe is from Alicia Silverstone’s book of vegan recipes,.

Alicia silverstone recipe for mochi waffles drizzled with lemon-walnut-rice syrup. This afternoon I was going through some photos on my camera, and came my first try at mochi waffles. I cannot believe I forgot to post about this . How to make Belgian waffles with only one ingredient!

Gluten free, vegan and so delicious. Mochi is an incredible product made of. These sticky, glutinous Matcha mochi waffles are a unique take on the iconic breakfast waffles. Vegan Mochi Waffles With Meyer Lemon Syrup by Cheeky Kitchen.

First things first — we have a winner in the Vegan Essentials gift certificate. And if you have The Kind Diet, please try the mochi waffles. It’s a party and I’m sharing this matcha mochi waffles sundae. The Pancake Princess – Vegan Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie; The Food .

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